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Kelly’s are global and spread all over the World,  in the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and of course our neighbouring country, Britain. We are interested in contacting Kelly’s who's people left for continental Europe many centuries ago, and would now like to renew their links.

Of great interest and excitement are the fascinating discoveries being made through the Family Tree DNA project. (read Matt Kelly’s experience).  It is our intention to have a very active web, so keep in touch, and if you have any bits of info or an interesting story about your Kelly’s, or any matter you think appropriate drop me a line and if it slots in, we will use it.
Why not come with us on our journey, and search the Kelly surname. Join the past with the present and help piece together the story of your Kelly ancestors.

Joe O'Kelly
Site administrator


December   2019

Mission Statement

We are based in Ireland and the purpose of this web site is to help you keep in contact with the homeland of the Kelly clan, and bring to you information and stories on what was once the great clan of Ó Ceallaigh of Ui Mhaine in the west of Ireland.

We encourage you to join the Kelly Clan Association, kellyclans.ie  and become part of the ancient Ó Kelly clan of Ui Maine. We are one of Ireland's 'Old Gaelic Families'.

Our research is on going and we are regularly in touch with local genealogist and historians and as we learn something we will gladly share that knowledge with you. Warts and all.

When you read through our web you will see we cover many subjects and topics. In this way we hope to capture the ethos of the greater O'Kelly family. We will show to the best of our knowledge, what your Ó Kelly ancestors were up to, what they were interested in. How they lived, loved and died. In short what they were about and how the events of history shaped their lives, then and now.

Through the Family Finder DNA project we have established our connection to the senior ÚI Maine line, We feel this pedigree allows us to state we are the authentic voice of the greater O'Kelly sept of Ui Maine.

We wish this site to be a focal point of friendship and contact for O'Kellys worldwide. We are doing this in a nonsectarian and non political way, we don’t do bigotry. Neither are we blinkered to other clans, and we would like to salute our valued clan allies of the past and look forward to continuing our alliances and good fellowship with the other Connaught Clans. Including the provence of Brefni which was part of Connaught up to Tudor times.

We wish to inform people who carry the O'Kelly name, or any of it’s derivatives, what an interesting, historic and ancient clan the O'Kelly’s are. We particularly welcome the O' Madden's, Kehog's and Egan's  as our DNA research is showing we were once the same family.

We are all volunteers and through our activities we do what we can to research our Clan history and further our clan’s interests, and to record the social history of this proud, historic and noble family.