John Kelly from Toomwoomba, Australia outside Ryans pub in Cashal during his recent visit to our ‘sunny’ shores. Thats John with the bottle of water (unusual for an Australian )

John’s people were from the Dundrum area of Tipperary, but unfortunately missed a Kelly Gathering and also the chance to meet up with some local Kelly's who he believe might be related to him.

There is always next year John, keep in touch.
Aug. ’13




Australian Family Discover Irish Roots 


Australian family discover their Irish roots after 300 years. Aidan Kelly of Western Australia, through his DNA research has discovered his Irish connections.





Aidan arrived in this
country on the same
historic day as
Elizabeth, the Queen
of Britain did. 17 th
May 2011. Since then
he has been followed
by two of his sisters,
Jill and Andrea.

Jill arrived in Sept
2011 with husband
Jim ( on left) and stayed overnight in Dublin
before setting off in the search for their  
ancient home land in the West of Ireland.
On the way they called into Aughrim as you
can see from the photos.

(left) Jill beside the ‘Soldiers Tree’ which I’m
pleased to say two years later is thriving.







Jill with Aughrim (Right) Kelly castle in the background.


We must have done something right
because last month Aidan’s other sister
Andrea arrived for a few days with hubby
Steve on toe.





Steve and Andrea enjoying a ‘pint’ in Davy Byrnes Morel Pub. Castles and pubs are popular with the Kelly’s.

Andrea standing at the ruin of Wm Bui Ó
Ceallaigh castle on the shore of the Shannon.
They were a pleasure to meet and I am
looking forward to meeting again with Aidan
in a few week time. 

 April 2013.














Finnegan’s of Dalkey.

My favourite pub, and has been for the last 25 years or so.Finnegan’s of Dalkey a successful family run emporium, has had many illustrious visitors over the years, and is a place where they can find a haven without being bothered by curious and nosey locals or passersby. A consistent remark by the celebrities who over the years have dropped in to have an un
interrupted pint or a lunch time meal is “We were left alone and not bothered by anyone”.  It’s an unwritten rule, and rigorously followed, no photos, unless permission is asked and granted.People who have nodded to me over the years (the reverse is more like it) include Brad Pitt with Neill Jordan, Bono and the Edge, Lisa Stansfield and Ian Deveney, Mel
Gibson, Pearse Brosnan, Milo Ó Sea, racing drivers Eddie Ervin and Damon Hill, and of course Maeve Bunchy RIP, who was a frequent visitor. Sure it’s no wonder that when Mr and Mrs Ó Bama were recently visiting Ireland, the Missus decided
she wanted to call in ‘for a little drop’

Pictured are proprietor Dan Finnegan, with the First Lady Michelle Óbama and Dan’s wife Colleen. Joe Aug ’13