General Interest - Freemen

Freeman of Dublin city granted to Kelly's

The freedom of the city of Dublin started in the 13th century and continue till 1918 and was abolished under the Representation of the Peoples Act. Freedom was awarded to both men and women, generally to those from the trades or guilds. It was not confined to this section of society only, and we can see that many people of the professions were also granted the freedom of Dublin. Freemen had the right to vote and were exempt from many tolls and taxes. The downside was they were subject to the laws of the city and were obliged for military service in the defence of the city should the need arise.

The acceptance by religious persuasion varied over the years and reflected the political situation at the time.


Year Term Name Occupation Description Admission by
1469 Midsummer Kelly, Richard clerk   Fine and Special Grace
1471 Michaelmas Kelly, John tailor (on account of his wife) Marriage
1473 Michaelmas Kelly, Jennet [none] (apprentice of John Flemyng, yeoman) Service
1477 Christmas Kelly, Walter mariner (husband of Margery Dennyse, a freewoman) Marriage
1483 Michaelmas Kelly, Maurice shoemaker   Service
1484 Easter Kelly, John merchant   Service
1485 Easter Kelly, Makyne barber   Special Grace
1577 Midsummer Kelly, Pet' weaver   Service
1577 Midsummer Kelly, Thomas cutler   Service
1577 Christmas Kelly, Willus tailor   Service
1578 Christmas Kelly, Patric' laborer   Special Grace
1580 Christmas Kelly, Rich sadler   Service
1585 Christmas Kelly, Rosia spinster (daughter of William Kelly - on condition of not marrying any but freemen without consent of Mayor of Dublin for the time being) Special Grace
1585 Christmas Kelle, Ellenora maiden   Special Grace
1587 Christmas Kelly, Johes mason   Service
1589 Midsummer Kelly, Humfridus buttonmaker (son of William Kelly, buttonmaker) Birth
1589 Christmas Kelly, Johes butcher   Service
1590 Easter Kelly, Patric' baker   Service
1591 Christmas Kelly, Morgan shoemaker   Fine
1592 Michaelmas Kelly, Laghlen weaver   Service
1598 Midsummer Kelly, Patric' tanner   Service
1599 Christmas Kelly, Johes shearman (apprentice to William Magwier, sheernian, deceased) Service
1599 Christmas Kelly, Thomas glover (son of Walter Kelly, merchant) Birth
1601 Midsummer Kellye, Owinus butcher   Service
1605 Easter Kellye, Georgius baker   Service
1608 Easter Kelly, Nicholas merchant   Service
1608 Christmas Kelly, Willus tanner   Service
1608 Easter Kellye, David stabler   Fine
1618 Christmas Kelly, Richus chandler   Service
1618 Michaelmas Kelly, Thoms smith   Service
1621 Midsummer Kellie, Xpofer builder   Service
1624 Michaelmas Kelly, Johes blacksmith   Service
1626 Easter Kelly, Edmond shearman   Service
1627 Easter Kelly, Thomas fishmonger   Service
1629 Easter Kelly, Jacobus fisherman   Service
1629 Midsummer Kelly, Rose maiden (daughter of Mr. Nicholas Kelly, Alderman) Birth
1630 Midsummer Kelly, Johes mason   Service
1630 Christmas Kelly, Patricius cooper (apprentice of Connor Dowde, cooper) Service
1633 Michaelmas Kelly, Robtus clothier   Service
1634 Christmas Kelly, Edmondus baker   Service
1634 Christmas Kelly, Richus clothier   Service
1634 Michaelmas Kelly, Thomas tailor   Fine and Special Grace
1638 Midsummer Kelly, Richus baker   Service
1639 Michaelmas Kellie, Thadeus carpenter   Fine and Special Grace
1640 Midsummer Kelly, Willus cutler   Service
1641 Midsummer Kellie, Brigida maiden (daughter of Mr. Nicholas Kellie, merchant) Birth
1641 Midsummer Kellie, Johes shearman   Fine and Special Grace
1641 Midsummer Kellie, Mergeria maiden (daughter of Mr. Nicholas Kellie. merchant) Birth
1648 [Not given] Kelly, Thomas chandler   Not specified
1648 Midsummer Kelly, Richus baker   Service
1648 Midsummer Kelly, Richus tailor   Service
1648 Easter Kelly, Thomas chandler   Fine and Special Grace
1650 Michaelmas Kelly, Johes [none] (son of Mr. Nicholas Kelly, merchant. deceased) Birth
1650 Michaelmas Kelly, Walterus tailor (son of Thomas Kelly, tailor) Birth
1655 Christmas Kelly, William glover   Fine and Special Grace
1658 Midsummer Kelly, Easter spinster (daughter of Thadee Kelly, carpenter) Birth
1660 Michaelmas Kelly, Edmondus weaver   Fine and Special Grace
1662 Easter Kelly, Johes merchant   Fine and Special Grace
1662 Michaelmas Kelly, Thomas carpenter (son of Thady Kelly, carpenter, deceased) Birth
1663 Christmas Kelly, Eugenius plasterer   Service
1663 Midsummer Kelly, Robtus baker   Service
1663 Christmas Kelly, Willus tailor   Fine and Special Grace
1665 Midsummer Kelly, Anne spinster (daughter of said Richard Kelly, baker) Birth
1665 Midsummer Kelly, Edmundus barber-surgeon   Fine and Special Grace
1665 Easter Kelly, Eugenius girdler   Service
1665 Midsummer Kelly, Maria spinster (daughter of Richard Kelly, baker) Birth
1665 Christmas Kelly, Robt joiner   Service
1667 Michaelmas Kelley, Robtus merchant   Service
1667 Easter Kelley, Willus cooper (son of Thady Kelley, carpenter) Birth
1668 Christmas Kelley, Laurencius merchant (son of Richard Kelly, tailor) Birth
1669 Christmas Kelly, Catherine spinster   Fine and Special Grace
1669 Midsummer Kelly, Edmund barber-surgeon   Fine and Special Grace
1671 Easter Kelly, Hugo butcher   Fine and Special Grace
1671 Christmas Kelly, Jacobus goldsmith (apprentice of John Slicer, goldsmith) Service
1672 Easter Kelly, Eddus merchant   Service and Fine
1672 Michaelmas Kelly, Willus pewterer   Service
1677 Michaelmas Kelly, Edrus baker   Service
1678 Midsummer Kelly, Richard baker   Service
1678 Easter Kelly, Smith merchant   Service and Fine
1681 Michaelmas Kelly, Johes shearman (son of John Kelly, sheerman) Birth
1683 Christmas Kelley, Thadeus butcher   Service
1687 Date Kelly, Edward baker   Fine
1687 Date Kelly, John gentleman   Fine
1688 Easter Kelly, Daniel [none] children of Sherriff Edmond Kelly, Not specified
1688 Date Kelly, Edward baker   Fine
1688 Date Kelly, Edward baker   Fine
1688 Easter Kelly, John [none] children of Sherriff Edmond Kelly, Not specified
1688 Date Kelly, John glover   Fine
1688 Easter Kelly, Mary [none] children of Sherriff Edmond Kelly, Not specified
1688 Easter Kelly, Nicholas [none] children of Sherriff Edmond Kelly, Not specified
1688 Date Kelly, Patrick blacksmith   Fine
1693 Christmas Kelly, Wm. turner   Service
1694 Midsummer Kelly, Charles barber-surgeon   Act of Parliament
1694 Michaelmas Kelly, Edwd. cooper   Service
1703 Midsummer Kelly, James cooper   Service
1703 Midsummer Kelly, Mable spinster   Special Grace
1703 Easter Kelly, Thos. tallowchandler   Act of Parliament
1704 Easter Kelly, Wm barber (apprentice of Charles Kelly) Service
1709 Christmas Kelly, James smith   Service
1710 Michaelmas Kelly, Edwd. joiner   Service
1710 Christmas Kelly, Joshua butcher   Service
1710 Christmas Kelly, Peter currier   Service
1711 Christmas Kelly, John butcher   Service
1711 Midsummer Kelly, John cooper   Special Grace
1712 Midsummer Kelly, Gilbert barber-surgeon   Special Grace
1716 Michaelmas Kelly, Maurice bricklayer   Service
1717 Easter Kelly, John cooper   Special Grace
1717 Michaelmas Kelly, John smith   Special Grace
1718 Midsummer Kelly, David currier (apprentice of Peter Kelly) Service
1718 Christmas Kelly, Henry harness-maker   Act of Parliament
1719 Midsummer Kelly, Nicholas merchant (son of Edmund Kelly) Birth
1719 Midsummer Kelly, Thos. merchant   Service
1719 Midsummer Kelly, Wm. shoemaker (apprentice of James King) Service
1720 Midsummer Kelly, Wm cook   Special Grace
1723 Midsummer Kelly, Andrew joiner   Service
1725 Michaelmas Kelly, John smith   Service
1725 Christmas Kelly, Joseph merchant Quaker. Service
1727 Midsummer Kelly, Thos. joiner   Act of Parliament
1728 Easter Kelly, John cook (son of William Kelly) Birth
1728 Midsummer Kelly, Thos. slater   Service
1729 Christmas Kelly, Thos. butcher   Service
1734 Midsummer Kelly, Bryan butcher   Special Grace
1735 Michaelmas Kelly, Arthur weaver (son of John Kelly) Birth
1736 Christmas Kelly, Edward cooper (son of Edward Kelly) Birth
1738 Midsummer Kelly, Thomas bricklayer   Service
1744 Midsummer Kelly, William barber   Service
1746 Christmas Kelly, John butcher (son of Joshua Kelly) Birth
1747 Christmas Kelly, Alex'r. merchant   Special Grace
1748 Michaelmas Kelly, John carver   Special Grace
1748 Midsummer Kelly, Michl. joiner (son of Edward Kelly) Birth
1749 [Not given] Kelly, Thomas weaver Thomas Kelly of Francis Street, Weaver, service with Arthur Kelly, Mich 1735 B. Service
1749 Midsummer Kelly, Luke currier (son of Peter Kelly) gent' Birth
1749 Michaelmas Kelly, Thos. weaver (by service with Arthur Kelly) Service
1750 Midsummer Kelly, Philip brasier   Service
1750 Midsummer Kelly, Willm. merchant   Service
1753 Midsummer Kelly, James smith   Service
1755 Michaelmas Kelly, Jno. merchant   Special Grace
1764 Midsummer Kelly, Thos. miller Esq. Special Grace
1765 Michaelmas Kelly, Dennis cook   Service
1766 Michaelmas Kelly, Dennis merchant gent'. Special Grace
1766 Christmas Kelly, John barber   Special Grace
1767 Easter Kelly, John carpenter   Special Grace
1767 Midsummer Kelly, John merchant gent'. Special Grace
1768 Michaelmas Kelly, Edwd. painter   Special Grace
1771 Easter Kelly, Henry merchant   Special Grace
1774 Christmas Kelly, William currier   Birth
1816 Easter Kelly, John merchant Son of John kelly ad. Chr. 1790 B. Birth
1820 Easter Kelly, John merchant Grandson of John Kelly adm. Mids. 1767 G.E. Birth


Freeman of Cork city granted to Kelly's

Kelly Thomas                                  Esq Kings Council                 16/8/1769.

Kelly Walter                                     gentleman                              24/7/1734.

Kelly William                                   gentleman                              24/7/1734

Kelly Right Honourable Thomas     Common Pleas and

                                                        Judge of Assizes                  1/9/1793.

O’Kelly Dennis                                Major 11th Regiment.                 1828.


The same ‘terms and conditions’ would have applied to Cork